Prompts to write a blog post

•January 29, 2007 • Comments Off on Prompts to write a blog post

OK – so I set out to write in this blog regularly.

Failed that one.

 So why am I posting now? Well, I get a spam comment, and an email to (very kindly) let me know I had a comment. So now I’m reminded of this blog.

 Time to start posting again !!


Tingling with anticipation . . .

•February 27, 2006 • Leave a Comment

I’m not sure whether I like this whole idea of people publishing videos of screencasts of new beta software (see Rob Bushway and Dennis Rice’s new site, GottaBeMobile on the right hand side).

On the one hand, it’s really good to see what’s coming up for Tablet PCs on the software front, especially given the discussions around OneNote and Josh Einstein’s teasing over TEO3.

On the other hand, I don’t have the patience to wait for them to come out. The wallet is already coming out, and they’re not even released yet !

I highly recommend you look at the videos – definitely worth a view, and Rob Bushway has done very well on them.

I guess I’ll just have to sit here and be patient. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Tablet PCs – Spread the Word !

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As part of my day job, I sell Market Research Services to Pharmaceutical Companies.

Yesterday we were at a client for a services presentation (which went well, thanks for asking), although one of my contacts asked me to have a chat to one of their product managers following the presentation to demonstrate Tablet PCs (I’ve got the Motion LE1600). The company are in the process of trialling them with a few of their sales force. The trials are being done with a Fujitsu and the TC1100, and they hadn’t seen a slate.

Of course, my colleagues are now giving me grief about selling computers rather than market research. But I can live with this, as it’s been blogged about time after time – the ability for people to get their hands on a Tablet PC is few and far between, especially in the UK. Various people have said it’s hard enough in the US !

Moral of the story – for anyone out there with a tablet – sell the idea as much as you can. For those without a tablet – find someone who has one, and ask for a play (but don’t blame me if you get hooked)


•February 5, 2006 • 1 Comment

As expected, my commitment to blogging on a regular basis has gone out of the window. Well, sort of.

Anyway – I thought I’d do a series of articles on Software that I used on a daily basis – just to outline my thoughts and uses, and to see if anyone out there has any comments or suggestons as to how I could improve things.

The first bit of software I use on a regular basis is Onfolio. This software is basically a collection tool. It has an integrated RSS feed reader (which is my main use for it) and the ability to create (and publish) ‘collections’ – this allows you to create a collection of files, notes and web snippets – either in a briefcase idea, or as a web research tool.

Onfolio exists as a desktop application, but also plugs into IE and Firefox.

I highly recommend it if you’re looking for an excellent (although not free) RSS reader with a collection tool combined with it.

MindManager and the alternative Pen Eraser

•January 18, 2006 • 2 Comments

Just a quick post to comment on the usability of the eraser in MindManager.

For those that don’t have MM, they’ve implemented a different way of erasing the ink in the mindmap – instead of inverting the pen and using the ‘rubber’ on the end of it, you toggle the pen and eraser using the button on the pen.

This makes for very quick mapping and editing – and then I switch to OneNote or Gobinder and find myself still pressing the pen button (and pooping up menus left, right and centre).

Does anyone out there know whether there’s any way to mimic this in day-to-day pen use, and if not, any bright spark out there know how to write a program to enable it ?

Cross Pens for your Tablet PC

•January 16, 2006 • 3 Comments

For those of you who have Tablet PCs, you really need to get a Cross pen. For those of you that don’t have a Tablet PC, you really need to get a Cross pen, and then a Tablet PC to use it on.

I’d seen reports about the Cross pens being of really good quality and comfortable to write with, so I thought I’d jump in and buy one. I’ve used it on and off for about a year now, and I have to say I agree – it’s a great Tablet PC pen. The trouble is, I’ve used it on about 3 out of the 90 or so days that I have had my Motion LE1600.

Given how nice it is to write with, that seems a little odd (at least it did when I saw it on my desk looking lonely). I think it comes down to sheer convenience. Have a pen in your tablet PC (the Motion pen is OK, the toshiba M200 pen wasn’t) means that you don’t have to think about external things.

Those who know me will testify to the fact the I only think of one thing at a time. Tablet PC AND a pen – that’s pushing it.

Yet another example of getting into a habit – take the nice pen, Nick . . .

Update: I finished the first draft of this blog, and then picked up the standard Motion pen to use the Tablet, despite the Cross Pen being on the desk in front of me. Go figure !?!

Tablet PCs – not so discreet . . .

•January 13, 2006 • 7 Comments

I suppose I’d better give some background first . . .

My name is Nick, and I’m a tablet PC user. I have a Motion LE1600 that I use as my main PC at work (and alot at home as well).

Many moons ago, I read a book called ‘Seize the Work Day ‘ by Michael Linenberger (link). In it, when talking about tablet PCs, he said it was less obtrusive using a tablet PC than a normal laptop to take notes – as the screen isn’t between you and the other people in the meeting. Put the tablet PC in a leather folio, and then it’s nicely disguised . . .

Must be an american thing. Had a research meeting yesterday that started with 10 minutes of me explaining what a tablet pc was, and giving a quick demo. It ended with me giving a quick 5 minutes on how good I found it.

So much for unobtrusive !